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The founder of Julian Pinn Ltd, Julian Pinn, is a senior professional business executive and industry specialist. Julian has decades of experience that combines in-depth understanding of the global entertainment business—its technology, innovation, content-flow and value-exchange—with outstanding relationship-building qualities, business management and development, strategic leadership and sales & marketing skills.

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Our Vision.


Julian Pinn Ltd is founded upon decades of experience of the art, science, & business of the international motionpicture, broadcast, and related media industries from content creation through to exhibition.


With quality, trust, & integrity engrained as its fundamental principles, Julian Pinn Ltd is dedicated to driving excellence in global entertainment—through innovation and creativity.

Company Profile.


Based in the UK, Julian Pinn Ltd has a global presence with access to a wide and rich network of associates.


The company's main focus is on delivering first class services of expert advice covering strategy development and project management. We also offer industry analysis, report writing, article writing, lecturing, expert panel topic representation and keynote presentation delivery.

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