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Ioan Allen

Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco, USA

"Julian's skills show a unique blend of technical understanding and political common sense. He can give good advice during the making of a sound-track, give comfort to a film director during a nerve-wracking premier, and spend hours steering standards committees both national and international. He is also a good writer, able to explain technical issues to a lay readership"

Paul Collard

VP Film & Digital Services at Deluxe 142 Ltd

"Julian has in my experience a strongly focused leadership role in audio and digital cinema, whether in a mangement role or in setting international standards. He is a good communicator with a clear vision and mantains good relations with his wide range of contacts within the digital cinema industry."

Christof Federle

Former CEO Cinecom Systems GmbH, Austria

"Julian is one of the most competent and reliable specialists in the field of digital cinema. He has been a great help and support for my company and myself in developing our software solution for pre-show and advertising in the cinema environemtn. Without any doubt I can recommend him 100% for any job in the cinema industry."

Kathryn Jacob

CEO Pearl&Dean, London, UK

"Julian is a wonderful colleague who will always deliver excellent reults in his work. He started a process that led to Pearl&Dean working with Dolby in an innovative and groud-breaking way that has been essential to the transformation of our systems. He is also a delight to work with and spending time with him is always a pleasure."

Paul Lawrence

Former Paramount Pictures International

"Julian has been and will continue to be a call upon person, who offers dependable and accurate advice with a superb problem solving mind. Julian has a personality and energy that is not often found today and I am extremeley grateful to have him as a supplier and most of all, a friend."

John Mahtani

CFO Cinelab (former VP Warner Bros.), London, UK

“Julian is a great Executive with the Media Industry, ..., Julian has always delivered on time, meeting our exact expectations within the crazy timelines we set.”

Richard Nicholls

Director Business Development, Digital TV Labs

"He has a great combination of strong technical skills and business acumen that is extremely difficult to find. He was always open and willing to look at the big picture."

Kevin Phelan

Phelan Good Film Consultancy Services, London, UK

“Julian is a stalwart of the UK film industry and I do believe the world. His knowledge of picture and sound is phenomenal and his care and attention to detail is held in extremely high regard in these changing times.”

Miriam Raccah

Cinema Marketing Manager, Dolby Laboratories

"Julian is a great manager. He supports his team on all projects, offering the right balance between guidance and freedom. He has in-depth knowledge of the film industry and film technology, and is generous with his knowledge. He is passionate and more importantly knows how to convey his passion to others making him a powerful ambassador. Julian is always happy to push boundaries and try new things. He knows how to reconcile partners' and clients' sensitivites, strategy, financial restrictions and innovation. I really enjoy working for Julian."

Patrick von Sychowski

Co-owner, Celluloid Junkie, Singapore

"I have found Julian to be unfailingly hard working, details oriented, committed, enthusiastic and inspiring. He is not only supremely knowledgable in the areas of audio, 3D and digital cinema, but appreciates all the commercial, technical, artistic and practical issues related to these and many other areas."

Dennis Weinreich

Former Managing Director of Pinewood Post Production

"In the professional world you sometimes are lucky enough to come across poeple who are knowledgeable, generous with that knowledge, helpful, supportive, willing to take time to help you through complex issues and genuinely nice. Julian Pinn is all of this and more. The complete professional and a lovely man."

Florian Weischer

Owner Weischer.Media, Hamburg, Germany

“Julian is intimately acquainted with the scene - he knows all of the leading cinema operators, film distributors and technology providers on our market. This gives us the opportunity to also adapt existing and new digital solutions to international markets.”

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