Julian Pinn

MD, Julian Pinn Ltd

The founder of Julian Pinn Ltd, Julian Pinn, is a senior professional business executive and industry specialist. Julian has decades of experience that combines in-depth understanding of the global entertainment business—its technology, innovation, content-flow and value-exchange—with outstanding relationship-building qualities, business management and development, strategic leadership and sales & marketing skills.


With a proven ability to port skills to new initiatives and business areas, Julian is able to navigate complex environments and commercial interdependencies and has a proven ability to identify and capitalise on market opportunities to drive revenue directly or to develop strategies that frame the execution of efficient and powerful marketing-oriented strategies that drive long-term revenue. Experienced as a trusted partner to A-list movie professionals and production teams internationally, Julian has positively influenced critical, high-consequence decisions whilst preserving professional respect and courtesy through the use of diplomacy and authority.


Julian also has a deep understanding of how art, budgets and science integrate to form entertainment value propositions and to inform commercially-viable innovation, creativity and market disruption. As an MBA graduate, has keen business and management acumen. Julian is an effective communicator who can use appropriate esoteric terminology or simplified clear-speak to ensure messages and concepts can be understood powerfully and quickly by the particular target audience.


Julian Pinn:

- is media-trained and experienced in delivering sound bites, providing both recorded and live interviews, and acting as a thought-leader on a wide range of topics from content creation, distribution, exhibition, consumption and business development;

- has proven skills and aptitude in negotiating both sales and buying for service- and product-offerings;

- has demonstrated leadership and has a track record of crafting partnerships and collaboration that accelerate or enable new market entry and strategic growth in often complex trading blocs such as China;

- is highly effective in formulating from scratch powerful marketing strategies with often limited and ever-changing resources, and experienced in managing million-plus dollar budgets across multiple cost-centres, regions, and business areas; and

- is highly experienced in leading organic matrixes of cross-regional, cross-cultural and cross-discipline teams balancing control and constraint with the needs for unlocking and harnessing chaotic team-creativity and innovation.


Julian is recognised and respected by industry peers around the world:

- through a wide network of established professional relationships and industry collaborations;

- through high level participation in seminar, panel, media and other keynote events;

- through extensive work on numerous national and international standards committees to favorably influence and support markets and industry practices; and

- through lecturing on a wide range of topics for film schools, young creatives, and a wide range of industry professionals and practitioners.


Additionally, Julian Pinn:

- is a full voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA);

- is the current chair of ISO/TC36 Cinematography;

- was a jury member for Le Prix Vulcain de l’Artiste Technicien at the Festival de Cannes 2009;

- has extensive film festival relationships;

- is experienced as a practitioner in post-production;

- is a keen film technology and industry historian; and

- is a Tonmeister graduate who is a classically- and jazz-trained musician.

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